1.     Games will consist of two 15-minute stop time periods.  Teams will NOT change ends for the second period, unless both teams mutually agree to it before the start of their game.

2.     There will be a 2-minute warm-up that will commence as soon as the Zamboni doors close.  Teams and officials shall be ready to take the ice promptly at this time.

3.     Games may start up to 15 minutes early.  Teams and officials shall be ready to start early.

4.     Minor penalties shall be 2 minutes.  Officials may assess double-minor penalties (4 minutes) at their discretion for excessive infractions.

5.     Major penalties shall be 5 minutes plus a game misconduct (this game plus the next) in all cases.

6.     Misconduct penalties shall be 10 minutes or a Game Misconduct, at the referee’s discretion.

7.     Any player who receives a Match Penalty (Gross) shall be expelled from the tournament.  If a Goalie receives a Match or Gross penalty, he will be allowed to finish that game, but expelled afterward.

8.     Any player who receives three minor penalties in one game shall be ejected for the remainder of that game only.

9.     Body Contact: coincidental body contact is allowed.  However, deliberate checking shall result in a minor, double minor or major penalty.

10.   Altercations: the instigator or clear aggressor of an altercation may receive a minor, double minor or fighting major.  At the same time, the non-aggressor may receive the same penalties OR he may receive lesser penalties OR he may receive no penalty at all.

11.   Any player who receives a fighting major and with the clear intent to injure his opponent shall be expelled from the tournament.

12.   If a puck is played with a “high stick” (above the shoulder), the puck will be faced off in the offending player’s defensive zone.  No minor penalty.

13.   There will be no slap shots allowed.  A slap shot is defined as “above the knee-cap”. A minor penalty will be assessed for a slap shot or fake slap shot.

14.   Any player who injures an opponent due to taking a slap shot shall receive a major penalty.

15.   CLARIFICATION: We are not calling 2-line pass violations.

16.   CLARIFCATION: The Blue Line shall be used for icing, two-line passes and off-sides.   No Center Red Line.

17.   There will be NO Overtime.

18.   There will be a 3- man shoot out for tie games in the FINALS only.

a.     Prior to the championship games, teams shall designate their 3 shooters with an asterisk. (A player serving a penalty at the end of regulation time is eligible to shoot) There will be no substitution of these designated players except for injury as determined by the referees).

b.     Home team decides which team shoots first.

c.     Shooters will shoot alternating one at a time. (Shooters will NOT shoot simultaneously, as in past years).

d.     If still tied at the end of the first “round”, then the shoot-out becomes “sudden death” and continues until a winner is decided.

e.     Teams will use the same 3 shooters, in the same order.

f.      If HOME shooter scores, the VISITOR shooter gets last chance.

g.     A referee will be stationed at each net in full view of the goal line.

19.   If   a team is excessively late in taking the ice, a forfeit may be declared at the discretion of the referee.

20.   Rostered players may play on only one team. Rostered players MUST play in at least one preliminary game to be eligible for the Championship Game.

21.   Mercy Rule: During the last five (5) minutes of the game, if the goal differential is 5 goals or more, the running time shall be used and shall remain in effect until the goal differential is reduced to two (2)  goals. A team may only obtain a maximum goal differential of plus six (6) in any one game.


23.   Top two teams in each division qualify for their Divisional Finals.

a.     Division Leaders determined by TOTAL POINTS- if still tied,

b.     HEAD TO HEAD RECORD between the TIED TEAMS, if still tied,

c.     GOAL DIFFERENTAIL between the TIED TEAMS, if still tied,

d.     FEWEST GOALS AGAINST, if still tied,

e.     FEWEST PENALTY MINUTES, if still tied,


g.     NOTE- If three teams are tied and they have all beaten each other in round robin play, the record of the games involving only those three teams will be used to determine the top two teams.   Once one of the three teams has advanced, leaving two teams still tied, the tie breakers will continue in descending order with data collected from the tied teams only.

h.     NOTE- Any scenario not specifically covered by the above, will then be left to the discretion of the tournament director.

24.   TEAM ROSTER VERIFICATION: Each team representative shall report to the Tournament Communication Center prior to their first game to check and confirm the accuracy of their submitted team roster.  Any changes from the initial form submitted and/or revised and approved tournament team roster shall be noted and approved through the rules and regulations committee and /or the tournament director.  Keep in mind, any participant not receiving approval by the guidelines shall be ineligible and cause his team to forfeit all of the tournament games.  KNOW THIS RULE WELL.  Any questions, contact the tournament director.

25.   Age Verification: Reference may be made to the team roster for age group clarification.  Be prepared for random individual age verification checks.  A valid driver’s license or two other pieces of identification will be required.  A team found to be in default will be allowed to complete their three regular games, but they will all be scored 1-0 forfeit losses.  Any and all teams found to provide false information will be barred from this tournament for a period of three (3) years at the discretion of the tournament director.

Tournament Rules and Regulations Committee (April 2015)

Bill Everett (Annette McLeod),    Tournament Directors